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Selling tips

These days everyone is fairly real estate savvy so there is not much we feel you need to be told about your real estate. However – here is a quick check list for you:

  • Tidy the garden and outside areas. Street appeal is very important in getting those buyers in.
  • In the tropics pathways and concrete areas need to be checked for mould and algae build up- water pressure cleaning can help.
  • Cleaning out extra belongings before you start selling to give a less cluttered look in your home allows the prospective buyers to see more of the home and less of your possessions.
  • Keeping the house clean while your living in it, especially with children, is hard work when you are selling. Open for Inspection times does give you a focused tidy time and an it’s OK to be less tidy time.
  • Views, outlooks, smells and noises all enhance or detract from an impression that your property gives the buyer. Sometimes, living in a property, you don’t notice these things so much -so try walking through your property and imagining that you are seeing it for the first time and gather what impression it will give.
  • Take the rubbish out, be aware of cooking smells, have any pets out of the way, the fewer people in the house at the time of inspection the easier it is for the buyer to concentrate on what they have come to see.
  • Be careful about renovating to sell unless you’ve costed it out. Often the value of your property is not enhanced to the total dollar value of the renovation.
  • If you are running an open for inspection, advertise it for an hour opening, be ready 10 minutes before hand and expect stragglers 10 minutes after the close of the advertised time. Have a visitors book for people to record their names and a contact number or email- just so you can keep track of who has been through your property.
  • When you have sold the property and it’s time to move out, the job is always bigger than most people anticipate. Pace yourself and plan ahead. Packing boxes once the sale is underway and unconditional is a good idea. Getting help to clean the property after vacating it of furniture is a good idea- you’ll probably already be tired from the packing and removal arrangements.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.Good Luck and happy Realestating!

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